oh, the scent…

my father-in-law loves to ‘do’ his own coffee. this morning he did the ritual.

first, he would fetch a bag of coffee-beans then took a quarter part of it. the natural color of them is pale brown, creamy-like with no distinctive aroma. second, he would put the selected beans into a big clay pot then put it on the stove. using light fire, he would stir and stir the beans patiently and evenly until all of them got well-roasted and changed into dark, chocolaty color. after that, he would remove the clay pot and put it in garage to let the beans cool off. last, usually the day after, he would bring the roasted beans to a nearby stall to get ground.

oh, the scent of roasted coffee beans… would love to bottle it. also, this home-roasted coffee has very specific aroma and taste as it gets brewed. very light yet personal.


day twenty four of 365


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