“I’m a wake up call.”

that’s what Ryan Bingham says in the Up In The Air (2009) when he fires people from their jobs. dang sure he is.

on the other note, which has got nothing to do with the film but probably does with the quote, i’m trying to unravel your mind. which is actually a total waste of time. why should i bother? if you think swaying back and forth like that would do a decent wake up call, you’re wrong. if you think to come and go, like you do, would snap me. you’re wrong. i’ve tried to be nice, but you seem to want to settle a war. tell you what, go and fight yourself. you need it.

you’re scared but pushing it to the back of your mind.

but haven’t you heard? that the best way to defeat your fear is to face it.


day twenty six of 365


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