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i seem to live way back in the past when it comes to music. oblivious to what’s being trend today, i keep stuffing my playlist with my favorite old songs and rarely listen to the radio. even when i do tune in, the stations are always either Bandung’s 100.7 KLcbs through the net streaming (which plays only jazz) or Surabaya’s 88.5 Metro Female (which plays only retro songs). how am i supposed to know who Bruno Mars is? (yeah, yeah go on and call me names.) well, occasionally i read the local newspaper’s music section and gather the knowledge of some bands’ new albums or singles. but only occasionally.

then everytime we’re on the road and my hubby tunes in to Hard Rock FM, it’s when i find out that i’m missing a lot and wonder “who sings this? what’s the song title?” yeah, you get the picture. so i guess i have to roam some more in today’s music universe and drain Alicia Keys‘ “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” from my system.

and, no… i don’t need to know things about Sm*sh or Justin Bieber.

day twenty eight of 365


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