another Sunday pictures

typical good sunday. i was munching on a bread that didn’t taste half as nice as it looked so i ate only the topping. thought the picture would be good for the day, but decided to toss it away.

we actually planned for a walk in the park, but the weather was… as you can see. it was wet the whole day and the Russian Circus didn’t tempt us at all. so we went, again, to a mall. Plaza Surabaya a.k.a Delta Plaza this time. had a lousy lunch at Tony Jack’s (seriously, the meal didn’t taste right -_-“) then took a little tour around the mall. got myself a new pair of jeans. it was a horrible experience. number 29 stuck right below my hips. number 30 wasn’t even better. guess what, i’m size 32 now. thirty two! and i used to snug with 27 in my younger years.  on our way home, we stopped for take-away grilled fish. they were orgasmic! especially the sauce. yum!

in spite of the wrong food and surprising pants size, i had a great time with my beloved ones. we laughed a lot 🙂


day thirty of 365


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