a suicide e-mail

about a week ago i got this super long e-mail from a girl telling stories about her miserable life and how she would like to end it. the recipients were, like, millions. the end of the mail said that she would be gone soon after the message was sent. the sender and all of the recipents weren’t on my contact list.

i was pretty sure the mail was a spam. or a lousy prank. or a desperate call of attention. so it got deleted right away.

thought i didn’t know the sender until the next night i ran across her name in one of the forums i usually visit as a mute reader. we actually had an encounter several months ago and it wasn’t a nice one to me. well, she wasn’t dead. she was alive and telling everybody she was commiting sucide. again.

i wonder if she really is that lonely.


day thirty one of 365


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