visiting ruins

took a tour around my forsaken Friendster account today and browsed through old messages there. memories struck. it was good to remember things from the past without having a feeling crowding in. and i was glad i kept everything where they belonged. boy, it was started in 2004! wasn’t i young by then. huehehehe.

i love keeping mementos. some people decide to burn them or bury them or send them back… well, get rid of them in short. but i never have a heart to toss things i strongly keep memories with. and so, with that bad habit, i have itsy bitsy things here and there in so many small boxes. why would anyone hate or be scared to remember the past through things they used to love dearly? isn’t a feeling over when the connection gets severed? even if the feeling still lingers on, am sure one will know how to see things differently through it. but, of course, every person has their own point of view to respect.

there’s only one thing missing from my valuable mementos: a brown diary with a huge “peso daging” word across the recycled paper cover. wonder if he’s burned it ๐Ÿ™‚


day thirty three of 365


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