a new found glory

the new girl and i

to hold something you could only dream about will definitely feel surreal. that’s what i experienced today. my hubby finally got us a posh camera which shutter makes the most beautiful sound. it’s a kit of camera; a body and a lens. oh the scent of it… and the way the lens weighs in my left hand… orgasmic!

then, this dummy found out that getting to know a DSLR is like exploring a lover’s body. you have to twist and push softly, move your hands and fingers correctly to gain the desired effect, try more than one shot to reach the climax, and – the most important facts – this kind of gear needs you to have a good eye and steady hands to work together. once you know the basic knowledge, the rest will be all about “to shoot more, shoot more” thing.

i thought it would be a difficult complicated beginning, but it’s actually quite user friendly now that the lens has autofocus and vibration reduction. i’m on fire, baby. these are some of the initial shots i took this morning:

thank God for this beautiful day and a generous husband.

thank my hubby for letting me lots of space to learn. love you lots!


day thirty six of 365


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