out of sort

ABC mini challenge

i start losing track of numbers and topics, though i note them down on my old-school diary too. but being many, many posts behind is equal to posting old entries on the catch-up (and it isn’t exciting). so, here’s the deal… starting from tomorrow i will do the ‘ABC challenge’. it’s a mini challenge because it’s (supposedly) not as demanding as a 365 or 52 project. what i have to do, while doing this challenge, is post topics in alphabetical order. like, A for Apple then i’m gonna have to write a post about apple inside and out, upside and down. you get the idea, right. so, yeah… it’s a project inside a project.

well, the loss is i might have to skip journals until the ‘Z’ is over. or maybe i can think of a way to squeeze important daily notes into the alphabets. we’ll just see. uh, yeah, some of you might ask why don’t i just quit the project after getting seven days behind. well, i’m trying not to be a quitter, not on this one – like what i said earlier with my photo project. it’s a challenge and i’m gonna meet the end of it.

tomorrow will be Monday and an ‘A’ day. hoorah!


day thirty seven of 365


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