ABC mini challenge

A is for Ayesha

Ayesha is our first and only child, so far :D. She was born in Bandung, on December 19, 2007. I decided to give birth to her in my hometown since she would be our first child and I wanted to be near my mother when the delivery happened. The estimated due date was actually December 25, but I guess she just couldn’t wait that long to see the world. So, in the morning of December 18, 2007, I started to feel funny on my tummy. She kept giving me hard positions (which I didn’t realize were actually contractions). It was when I found discharge that I knew the time was close. So my mom and I took a taxi to the hospital since, at that time, my dad was out of town and my brother was at school and it was impossible for me to ride my scooter. I was actually feeling fine and perfectly healthy. No pain, no rapid contraction yet. A nurse checked on my blood pressure and dilatation. The first one was normal and the latter had entered the third step, which means going to the active span. So I had to stay in the hospital. It was around lunch time.

The full dilatation was accomplished a little before midnight. The contraction came like rushing wave every three minutes. I was on the verge of crying but couraging myself to stay strong for the baby. My husband was still on the way from the airport when I entered the labor room. With the enormous strength God had given me that night, it only took two full pushes to do the complete delivery. With her first cry, her father arrived. She was so petite and the cry was loud and clear. The whole pain disappeared when she was put in my arms and her little lips were searching for my nipple for the milk. I was engulfed in such enormous happiness I didn’t know what to feel. It was the very first time in my life I knew such feeling really exist. Ayesha Ratri Anjani is her full name, means a petite goddess who was born in the night-time. Ayesha was also The Prophet’s favorite wife’s name 🙂

Three years and two months have passed since the day, and she has grown so much. We could talk about a lot of things as friends, laugh at the same jokes, play cooking or house together, watch movies until late at night… Can’t imagine living without her.

Ayesha loves singing, snapshooting, dancing around, playing with stuffed animals, is really good with her fine motor, afraid of spiders and -just like any other kids- loves getting all dirty. Yeah, she loves painting, coconut milk, raw rice, sand, water… then I would go crazy cleaning things up. She’s a huge chatterbox for people who know her well but would go as silent as a mouse with the ones she rarely meets. The more she grows, the more stubborn she becomes. Not sure who she picks this up from :p But I guess she and I have so many things in common that sometimes it’s only me who knows how to tame her. Because, basically, she and I are the same. She, most of the nights, accompanies me while I’m editing pictures or typing posts until she falls asleep next to me. I always find that so sweet and touching :’)

Before she came into the world and my arms, I never learned so much about life, patience, love… She’s the greatest gift and challenge in my life so far.

Thank you, Dear God, for letting me take care of her. Until death do us part, I hope.

day thirty eight of 365

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