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E is for Erlend

Erlend Øye in full.

I had my first encounter with him when I listened to “I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From” in a mixtape, many many years ago. From the two of  Kings Of Convenience duo, of course, Eirik Glambek Bøe stole my heart first with his unusually feathery soft voice. But then I learned that I grew for Erlend more. His history, his mind, his projects, his way with guitars, and the fact that he’s a nerd. Nerds kill me. He’s just beautiful.

No, I’m not going to recite his bio/discography here. Because everyone could just go to wikipedia for them. Here, I’m just going to blab about how much I adore him :p There was a period of time where I was really in love with him that I collected as many pictures of him as possible then made wallpapers out of them. Of course I still keep them. Also the lots of collages. Then I searched for his available works throughout the net starting from his own solo all the way to the songs where his voice gets featured. There were nights where I would lay in the dark staring out to the open night sky through my skylight while listening to his voice and picturing his fingers dancing with the guitar. Imagining of going to Cayman Island with him. Super corny, I know. But I loved doing it (and still so much do). I mean, yes I know how it actually feels to have a heart that won’t be told or catch up breath or go teary for a celebrity. Sure, laugh.

I adore every detail of him. The big messy hair, the wide glasses, the checkered shirts… His tall and slender body, his cutest nose and smile, his cool eyes… It’s good to actually have an idol :)) Love him.

Well, the truth that he actually reminds me a lot of someone I know (no, not Napoleon Dynamite…) is a good fact. But, no, that doesn’t add an odd beat to my heart. I admire him as himself. Honest.

day forty two of 365


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