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G is for Gilberto

My mom introduced me to Astrud Gilberto way back when I was still in high school. Being one of the 70’s teenagers, she had lots of vinyls and the very good ones – I must say. Yes, my mom has an amazing taste in music, really. I remember when I was still a kid, like 6-7 years old, she would play any of Vina Panduwinata cassettes while cooking then I would reverse it when a side ended. There were also Barry White, Mari Nakamoto, Salena Jones… She influenced my musical self a lot and it’s great that I enjoy listening to what she listens to.

Okay, back to Astrud Gilberto. I wonder why she still sticks with ‘Gilberto’ after getting divorced from João Gilberto in the mid of 1960 and yet the last name seems to belong to Astrud more than to her ex-husband. Anyway, she’s amazing. She’s got this distinctive voice no one else could come close to. Guess everyone would know it’s her when she sings. Whatever the song is. But the first songs from her that I get caught in are Fly Me To The Moon and I’ve Got Nothing Better To Do. I played the cassette too many times it doesn’t sound right anymore. Thank God for the invention of mp3 :p

If you ever watched Juno, you would recognize “Once I Loved” was playing in Paulie Bleeker’s room early in the movie. Of course a boy like him would love to listen to her. But it’s completely cool. Soothing, relaxing. I like boys who seeps on to jazz, like my hubby 😀 And we both love Astrud Gilberto. We would agree to listen to her deep into the night while working on our own computers (and you would ask why not while making love? ha!) or early in the morning before our daughter is awake. I sent him some of her songs when we were still dating and ‘The Gentle Rain’ has been our favorite song from her.

I guess I grew with Astrud Gilberto in my music players. She opened my ears to more jazz, bossas, instumentals… and relieved me from the kinds of music I used to listen just because everybode else did. I still listen to a lot of jazz and even more after being a mom. It helps me to be more relax and not to bottle my stress or anger.


day forty four of 365


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