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I is for I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Kill Bill

Just watched the movie last night and found out that the motion picture was originally created in 1978 under the title ‘Day of the Woman‘ and banned from December 1997 until June 2004 due to the highly disturbing content. Never heard of the film until my cousin mentioned it and found the DVD myself last week. Had nothing to expect since I hadn’t the slightest image of the film.

The film is about a young novelist named Jennifer Hills who decides to finish the writing of her second book in a cabin by the lake in the middle of a forest away from anywhere. On the way there she gets lost and has and encounter with three local boys working in a gas station. She asks for the direction and opens the door to her own disaster. Shortly after this, the reason why the movie was banned would come to the surface. A sadistic gang rape. Then Jennifer would disappear after the brutality to return for a sweet revenge.

Very much predictable since the very beginning, but surprisingly less boring. People wrote bad reviews for the original version and said it didn’t actually need to be banned for everybody wouldn’t really care to make a fuss about the badly produced film. It was practically a soft porn. But the 2010 version, IMO, is quite good. A compact crossing of Kill Bill and SAW. The rape part is probably too graphic for some female to see and may raise big time contra on the feminists side. But, personally, I think the whole picture should be watched before dropping a judgement. It’s really a so-so thriller but the gore is good. If you like blood. And the thing about a young woman being a victim to survive and collect the debts is a ‘heck yeah!’


day forty six of 365


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