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abort! abort!

and with this post i stop my post-a-day project. am a failure, i know. devastating. disappointing *lebray* but being more than ten posts behind is just too much. i can’t manage to write more than two posts a day to catch up and some days i would be just too blank to write and posting just a ‘had an awful day. k bye.’ only to meet the quota is ridiculous. the idea is supposed to do a decent writing not stuff the envelope. so there, i quit.

however, i’m going to finish my ABC mini challenge. but NOT running around like a headless chicken everyday for it. i will write when i feel like i do.

aite. that’s all from me, folks. now i will just pet my camera everyday.


2 thoughts on “abort! abort!

  1. Just as I remember my blog and dig it out, thereby finding your comment and subsequently your blog it seems you are slowing it down.. You always have something intresting to say (And you even like Erlend!), so you should keep up some blogging even if not every day.


    1. thank you for swinging by, Lonyl! 🙂
      yes i was slowing it down a bit. but i guess it’s time to start going in steady speed again. looking forward to reading more of your blog, although reading your photo captions everyday is already so good 🙂

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