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J is for Jazz

i need more of it than the usual dose i have, and it’s kind of upsetting to find one of my guitar jazz CD is missing. at the moment when i need it most. anyway, i managed to compile a list with lots of saxophone and piano sounds. compiled for a therapy dose.

on a happier note, a friend of mine suggested Jaga Jazzist. it was the very first time i heard the name. so i searched the Norwegian band, and turned out liking them very much. they’re awesome! nine men in a band with long songs (seven to nine minutes tracks) and the richest fusion. they released the first album in 1996 and i’ve just disovered them now! so One-Armed Bandit (2010) is what i’m listening to. will probably go backward ๐Ÿ˜€

glad jazz and scented sticks were invented. they’re good for the mind and nerves.


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