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O is for Oswald, Darin Peter

Giovanni Ribisi appears with many names, the first pleasure I had was with Darin Peter Oswald in 1995. It’s his character in one of The X-Files episodes, D.P.O. You can also see Jack Black in it playing as Oswald’s best friend who gets murdered by Oswald’s ability to summon lightning (cmiiw). I believe it was D.P.O. who swept me off my feet and made me try to find more and more of Ribisi. He, aside from Anderson and Duchovny, makes the episode alive and both cool yet eerie. It’s a top-notch performance and there’s always something with his eyes and hard jaws that throb me :p

Then, here are the other flicks with him in them that I have seen: That Thing You Do! (1996) – as Chad, SubUrbia (1996) – as Jeff *and I really, really loved this movie I watched it, like, a thousand times*, Saving Private Ryan (1998) – as Medic Irwin Wade, TheVirgin Suicides (1999) – as the narrator *the movie has great soundtracks too!*, Boiler Room (2000) – as Seth Davis, Gone In Sixty Seconds (2000) – as Kip Raines, Heaven (2002) – as Filippo *one of his best, imo*, Lost In Translation (2003) – as John, Public Enemies (2009) – as Alvin Karpis, and the last was Avatar (2009) – as Parker Selfridge.

That makes it that Giovanni Ribisi (earlier known as Vonni Ribisi) is one of my favorite actors who’s played lots of varied strong characters but not stopping the next one to shine after another. Love him πŸ˜€

6:53 PM

I don’t update entries every so often, but I’ve just dug around the interwebs a little and gotten to watch the full D.P.O. episode *that made me feel like dancin’!* so an update would be really appropriate especially after the title πŸ˜€ – note: am afraid I can’t share the link since it could be marked as abusive 😦

Darin Peter Oswald is a boy from Oklahoma who has this anomaly with his blood that possibles him to “be the lightning” according to Fox Mulder. He will survive any lightning strike and has this power to summon the lightning and play around with electricity. Darin lives with his mom and is really good at playing arcade games. Being less intellectual and socially skilled, he uses his power to prove that he’s actually special to impress Mrs. Kiveat, his formerly high school teacher who’s also the wife of the owner of this garage he works at. Sadly he misuses the power, which is mostly triggered by anger that leads him to murders.

It felt soooo good to watch the episode again. Really, he plays so damn well in it. I mean, you won’t be disturbed seeing him like that. You will feel sorry (well, I do). It’s when he and Zero (Jack Black) is having this conversation that a remarkable quote comes up.

Zero : “A woman like that only wants someone special.”

Darin : “Well, I AM special. I’m gonna show her just how special I am.”

*sigh* boys like him… oh, well. And OH! I just noticed that Gillian Anderson has this similar way of speaking with Ellen Page πŸ˜€ *speaking of nonsense* guess am just gonna go on with the other episodes. Yippeeee!!


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