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P is for Portrait

I dare not to call myself a photographer. A snapshooter is more like it. In my opinion, a photographer is someone who doesn’t make great photos out of luck. They know how to use the camera, know the technique, have the skills, and definitely make good pictures whether they’re in the mood for it or not. Some people were just born with the talent. My weakness in the field is massive. I never really like my landscape, cityscape, or architecture shots. They’re, like, tasteless. Wrong composition and all. My first experience with camera was with an analogue Ricoh and it was for a field trip. Lots of buildings and landscapes in that first roll of film, and funnily enough I never shot better than that anymore. Guess digitalism makes me think “don’t sweat it you can always take a second shot” so I slowly forgot how to really use the viewfinder and make sure the first shot is the best one.

AyeshaBut, along my 365 journey, I found the joy in doing portrait. Not only self-portrait, but portrait in general. People, faces, expressions, body languages… things you can miss if you blink or in continuous motion… That was probably why I, then, put more interest in other people’s portrait projects more than their miscellaneous objects. I love seeing nice poses, candid expressions, staged bodies and the kind. Humans. They’re wonderful. My models are limited to my daughter and myself :p My husband doesn’t really like to be in a portrait unless there are other people in it or it’s a silly portrait. So, yeah, I can’t explore much. Besides, when I work on a self portrait it almost always ends up in the photoshop before going public. Why? My ‘studio’ is very plain. It’s just a bare wall for the background with sunlight, flash, or lamps for the lighting. While I have ‘big’ images in mind. So, there, photoshop helps me a lot to visualize them. Because I don’t always feel the way I want to seem like feeling, I do learn to fake emotions. It would be great to get to capture people with genuine emotions in them, really.

Also, in the last weeks of the 365 project, I learned that quick exposure was one of the best things in portrait photography. Just let the model move and try to capture the desired second. I love clean slow motion in movies. Blood splatter, waving strains of hair, dancing leaves in the air, splash of water… and that drives my passion to the quickest shutter speed. Wish I had someone who would volunteer themselves to be my model 😀 There are places where I can’t use myself as the model, at the moment, because there’s no shutter remote available so I do need someone to run free in the prairie, float in the wind, blowing daffodils, cross bridges, and bother not to count to ten or listen to the sound of the shutter or go back and forth to check on the results.

I should probably start to seriously consider doing street photography and use random people as my models 😀


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