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The Rooms

Have you watched Another Earth (2011)? If not, I strongly encourage you to. It’s really, really good *sigh*.
Parallel universe always fascinates me with the fantasy of knowing that there’s another me out there doing things I don’t even have guts for. She speaks for herself louder and doesn’t let the world tie her down. It fascinates me with the fantasy of a life exchange. Sometimes I wish my life was a massive book of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ with endless alternative endings. I could jump back and choose another route when an ending happened to be shitty.
Yes, yes please go on and preach me about the art of being grateful and all. Dear you, I’m fully conscious while writing this. I know how I might sound like to you. “She’s not happy.” or “She needs to learn to thank.” But why? Is it wrong to long for something? Is it wrong to duplicate myself in mind and grant them different paths to live? Is it wrong to find darkness in the light? Why would anyone judge “if you’re happy with what you have, you won’t ask for anything else.” Whatever happens to big dreams, then? I think people are not being honest with themselves when they try to compress their personal desires just to stick with what they already live with.

So, dear another me, would you do me a favor?


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