romance · shorty · womanhood

More Than A Thousand

When you’ve been with someone for quite a while, spending more than a thousand days and nights together, you can’t help but to intertwine, to grow together and lean to each other by the force of nature. You know every inch of their body, read them like an open book, and tolerate things about them you wouldn’t know you could.

You’ve seen the worst and the best of them, been there when they smelled like a sick baby, or cried like they’ve lost their mind in your arms… You’ve seen it all but you just can’t be bored being with them, or intimidated, or sick of. You’ve been so scared about being dysfunctional on many fields but they always make sure that you’re fine. You can’t be too angry about them and they always forgive you even for your worst mistake.

When you’ve been with someone for quite a while, you know you’ll be okay on your own but better with them around. You can’t fall out. Sometimes you wish you could, but just can’t. Their flaws don’t matter anymore because you know they try so hard to adjust and that’s what matters.

Growing together teaches you that you and them will always be two different individuals. But always with the same helpless wish to wrap each other and assure that, to live happily ever after, two people need to make it happen on daily basis.


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