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30DPC – Day 1: Self Portrait

These days, I‘m in need to take pictures. You understand the itch. Like when you have a crush on someone and keep looking for reasons to call them even when there‘s nothing to say. Just saying hi. Just chanelling the urge. So I decided to seriously pick a photography project and finish it. I do have successfully finished a 365 project on the first attempt. But also proved that I couldn‘t do the same project twice without failing big time. My 2012‘s 365 project had to be aborted even before the third month. So, this time, I picked a 30-Day Challenge with 30 different themes each day (yeah, go short!) Got the idea from Expertphotography.


Well, hello, my name is allophelia and this is my first shot for the project. Am awfully familiar with self portrait. Haha. This was taken on the balcony of my house around 4 PM. Yes, I count on the sun for the lighting since I have no strobes. Want to know a secret? The ‘lipstick‘ is photoshopped 😀

This one:

was my first option for today‘s shot. But I thought it didn‘t really fit my idea of the concept (the background is too crowded).

A good start. Hopefully.
Ah, yes, I would probably post every day here to log the progress. I‘m excited! :p


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