30 DPC – Day 5: Frame Within Frame

I’m sure you get the idea already. The title is very self-explanatory. In the ideal world, you could go out and hunt for a torn-down house where there’s a door sill with just small remaining walls around it and the whole land has turned into a little jungle. Oh, there’s a running vine around the sill too. That would be a perfect picture to shoot. But, less ideal world that I live in, I could only try and search things around the house to conquer the challenge. This:

is my daughter’s dollhouse’s window.  Lines! Argh! This is not straight, I’m very sure. I shot it in 35mm, but still… lines are my weakness in photography. People who knows how to shoot lines perfectly surely have great eyes. This is my other idea of today’s theme:

A view from the room upstairs. Yeah, not much to see :p

Ah, I’m excited for tomorrow’s theme: colorful water drops. It’s gonna be messy and frustrating. Haha!


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