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Take This Waltz (2011)

My husband watched this before I did, and he told me the movie had no plot. Bland. Without a story. I was the one who picked it from the rack. Maybe it was too much of a chick film for him. But I watched it last night and thought it was beautiful. Real. Natural.

Some married people get to meet someone else and think “Why haven‘t we met earlier?“ then spend their days looking for flaws from the relationship they‘ve built for years just to find a reason to be unhappy and legit to leave. New things get old, eventually. That‘s what new things do. They get old. You meet someone new only to find that they get old in a way or another. But people who haven‘t been in such situation won‘t understand the feeling. The length that Margot goes or the conversation she has with Daniel over the glasses of margarita. It‘s so easy to mistake lust for love when you‘re charmed. You have to experience such feeling to appreciate the symbols along the movie. Like that moment when Margot and Daniel get on a ride. She is emotionally swayed and ecstatic but the euphoria stops before she knows it. Or when Lou quietly watched her wife gets devastated when Daniel leaves, then he secretly goes back to bed pretending he hasn‘t sneaked to the window. Try and check out some of the trailers on YouTube and you‘ll find some sneer comments telling women like Margot to sober up and see what their men have done for their marriages and quit drifting away with infatuation. They‘re right. Unless your heart knows better. Will you be happier with this someone new? How would you know? Is the person worth ditching your current life?

It‘s a very, very deep film. IMO. Which people may take as boring and weird. But, without emotions involved, it‘s still beautiful. So colorful, summer-y, sunny… easy to the eye, nice cinematography. The soundtracks are great, too. I think Sarah Polley did a great job with this one and I couldn‘t help but to connect it with her film ‘My Life Without Me‘. Both deep, both heartwrenching. I love that this film is so natural. It flows as if you‘re watching someone across the street. I only wish the ending was different… oh well.


Geraldine: “Life has a gap in it… It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it.“


2 thoughts on “Take This Waltz (2011)

  1. Good review, I have to say though I seem to be in your husbands camp on this one. I was really looking forward to this movie and had hoped it would provide a deep or different perspective on relationships in some way. Instead I thought most of the dialogue was bad, the movie never felt like it had a tone, and the characters all seemed really poorly constructed and often even irritating. Maybe there is something I am missing, but no one I watched this movie with felt it was worth watching.

    1. I‘ve just read your side of review. Ahaha… wow, we‘re definitely on two different poles here. Well, Polley was the only name I anticipated when I heard of this film for the first time. And I probably suffer from this chronic melancholia that this kind of films always get into me. I love films that make me think after they end (not technically, though. Am not a critic.) I tend to ignore the rules of good movie-making. I just go with my feeling when watching movies.
      Maybe I do have horrible taste :))

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