30DPC – Day 12: Street Photography

Personally, street photography is probably the most terrifying genre. I love taking pictures of human in their most natural state, but strangers take me to a whole new level. Taking pictures out in the open makes me groggy. It always worries me that, after I take a candid shot of them strangers, they will come up to me and slap me or ask me to delete the frame. Actually it‘s not that scary, sometimes. Sometimes some of them even pose for me, or ask me great things like what newspaper I work for, or how to get a printed copy of their pictures. So, IMO, street photography is a lot about confidence in the first place.

Today, I had a chance to go to the town’s stadium and find some kids practicing drum band and majorette. Some smaller ones were racing down the skating track. Again, I was too shy (meh.) to step up close. So, instead, I forced my 55mm lens to do the work. Of course, from such distance with such lens, this is the furthest I could pull.

People like me, who think street photography is a horror, should go out more. Seriously : >


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