30DPC – Day 17: Sun Flare

Given to live in a country where the sun shines almost the whole year, hunting for sunlight is not a hard work. Especially when the dry season is around like these days. Well, I L.O.V.E. sun flare. I collect pictures of it, even! And boy I’m glad that one of the challenges is… ta daa!


Took this one when we were painting our half-done house. The windows were still wide open with no glass intact. The sky were clear, so blue, and the temperature were like… 32’C. It’s a great season to take pictures outdoor, really.

You probably wonder, like I used to, whether taking pictures of sun would actually damage your camera lens. The answer is YES! *sad face*. The heat would damage the sensor and eventually ruin every picture you take using the broken lens. There will be reddish streaks on the photos. So if you do enjoy photographing sun flare, be sure to attach a UV filter and don’t expose the lens too long to the heat. Shoot and turn the camera away.


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