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It’s been a while since a scary movie really got into my spine. Last night, with a huge hope, I popped in Knock Knock 2 (I didn’t even know there was the 1st :p)


You see, to me, when it comes to movies or books, first impression matters. I would definitely spend a moment to check the covers out. Second step would be checking the resume at the back. I DON’T read reviews before watching a film. Don’t trust them and they mess with my expectations. So that was how I tried my luck with Knock Knock 2. The dang pirates made the sleeve so good I believed it was a classic thriller/horror.

Turned out, it’s a piece of crap. Four friends doing their own Haunted Hollywood Houses tour and go missing eversince. It starts with a 911 call and the whole film is taken with a handycam supposedly to give a reality touch. Oh dear God. Really, it’s getting oooold to use such gimmick on a scary movie. I didn’t even watch the film. I kept hitting ‘skip’ button and was glad about it.

Now, to make the Friday night even worse, we went on with The Corridor. My husband picked it because he likes Stephen King and the recommendation has his name on it. Bahahaha… yeah. Well it’s not that wrong since the idea is actually quite Stephen-King-ish. Five men going back to a cabin in a woods to do a favor for their friend Ty who just got released from an asylum. Ty’s madness had something to do with his past, his mom, and the woods (which holds the secret to the corridor). That’s just about it. I was expecting a deeper exploration of the power of the corridor, of the darkest secret each of the man holds, and for an explanation about how things are actually connected even if it’s so twisted. But, no. Nothing happened. I can only remember Ev screaming a lot and everybody else gets ridiculously hysterical.

Two crappy thrillers in a night. Only a bad cup of coffee could beat that :p


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