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Carnage (2011)


f you’ve seen some of Roman Polanski’s films like The Ghost Writer or The Pianist, this one would naturally be less boring though the whole movie takes only a single location and involves a lot of conversations. I think it’s a successful adaptation of a play, even. Strong story, strong casts.

It begins with two couples of parents meeting at the “victim” apartment after their kids got in a fight. The nice and polite meeting slowly drags them into a horrible chaotic situation where their real personalities turn up. Stuck in a carnage.

I enjoy the ending scene very much that it explains, in the simplest and funniest way, how people are -in real life- when thrown into societies. Yasmina Reza writes the original play. It’s brilliant, but I’m not sure if I could stand watching it being performed on a stage. It’s heavy!

On a lighter note, I love how the daylight slowly fades away along the movie (since it’s real-time taken). The Longstreets’ apartment is really cozy too. Of all versions of the poster, the one I inserted here is the best one, in my opinion. And my favorite character is definitely Alan Crowe (Christophe Waltz). He must be one of those guys who sleep really well at night :p

Yeah. Go watch it. And learn (if not getting slapped hard across the face.)


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