movie · review

Young Adult (2011)


A 37-year-old Mavis Gary is a writer of young-adult books who just got divorced and whose writing career is sinking due to cancellation of her serial. One day after getting an email about her -now happily married- high school sweetheart’s newborn, she decides to go back to her hometown and retrace his history with him. That journey back home opens up her long-shut mind.

Charlize Theron makes Mavis so alive. Her constant snickering expression gives a “whatever” face so well you will feel sorry for her. It’s a good film. If you’ve seen Enid Blyton’s biographic film, you’ll see the same case in Young Adult: denial in books.

People who are over thirty, like me, would probably understand the moral more. We’ve seen a lot, through so much. Friends I knew in high school have changed so much when I recently reconnect with them (thanks to Facebook :p). They’ve grown up. Boys I thought would end up barfing in gutters are actually making good livings now and great fathers/husbands too. Girls who used to be quiet as mice are now very out in the open and thinking out loud. Only a few people stay the same, like Mavis. They don’t want to move on and continue to live in their shells and sorry-ass minds.

I recommend this film to those who think growing pains. Well, just so you know, it doesn’t. You just have to do it the right way.


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