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Think Less, Think Single Serving

I’m clearly three years behind the trend, but that doesn’t matter because this will always be good. Then and now.

Have you heard of “a mug of cake”? Well I’ve just got enlightened yesterday. Haha. For a sweet tooth and a baking addict, I always got fixed on big things. Oven, mixer, 9-inch pan, big bowls, sheets of baking paper, cups of ingredients…things that need preparation. While my craving for moist good chocolaty cake doesn’t care for the time. So finding these recipes of single-serving cake in a mug was like a bliss for me. I was like “Of course it doesn’t have to be big!” It only takes a mug, a fork, and a microwave oven!

The simplest recipe (3 ingredients, 60 seconds) can be found here. But, of course, you can find more recipes that suit your taste; eggless, more protein less calories, gluten-free…tons of varieties! I like it with no egg, personally.

Just tried it after dinner tonight and it turned out great and convenient. My daughter loved it. Now I can have fresh chocolate cake anytime of the day while my coffee’s still steaming and my sink can stay quiet ๐Ÿ™‚


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