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A Scandal In Bohemia (spoiler alert!)

How does it feel to be Irene Adler? The -only- Woman that Sherlock Holmes adores?

I like how the episode is altered in the modern version of Sherlock. The series. Sir Doyle’s original version says Adler is an opera singer who keeps a photograph of her and a king from Prague who later wants it to be taken from Adler before his marriage with another woman takes an event. It is Sherlock Holmes who’s personally chosen for the task by the king himself, and it is how Sherlock and Irene get encountered. The Woman outsmarts Sherlock but leaves the photograph behind for him to hold on to. The modern version puts Irene Adler as a dominatrix who serves high-end clients whom she gets highly confidential photographs and international secrets from. Mycroft, Sherlock’s brother, connects them in this version. He asks Sherlock to take photographs of Adler with one of the British Royal’s family member from her possession. She doesn’t outsmart Sherlock here, but remains mysteriously lingers in his life.

Personally, I really really like Sherlock the series. He’s gone through lots of portrayal in many forms but this one played by Cumberbatch is my favorite. Cocky, brilliant, heartless, and a lot like a kid finds his favorite candy bar when running into a case that interests him. His whole face lights up. He takes most people as stupid and boring, leave alone when it gets to average women. So it’s kind of really nice to see his softer side in this first episode of the second season. When he’s getting all the text messages from Adler but never replies but keeping the nasty moaning sound as the text alert, when he sends “Happy New Year” as the only reply, when he figures out the password to Adler’s phone (which *I* figured even before Sherlock’s first attempt :p. come on, it’s obvious!) and claims that love is a weakness he won’t expose himself to but decides to keep his eyes on her. What do you reckon?

Sir Doyle never clearly mentions that Sherlock adores Irene romantically, but still… the admiration itself is a HUGE honor when it comes from a guy like him. Well, dang, I’m relieved that the modern version of Adler is not lethally charming or smart in my opinion and the fact that Sherlock saves him proves that she’s not a sole survivor. So, yeah, I’m not jealous. Yet.


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