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a dream I can remember

There were times when I was sure I could record dreams. Had this app on my phone called “Dream Journal” which I believed would help me get to lucid dreaming. Kept it next to my pillow but most of the mornings I couldn’t remember anything about my dreams at all. Oh well…

But I can remember what I dreamed of last night. Quite entertaining. I was on a trip with a bunch of strangers who were strangely familiar. We got into this warm wooden restaurant with yellowish light inside and a narrow porch divided in two by a pair of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. The part of the porch we took for dining had this round wooden table with khaki couches surrounding it. Cool in the shadow. I was about to pick something from the menu when I saw my husband crossing the street and I realized it was a sunny afternoon on a tropical island. The blooming flowers came to sight. My daughter was across the street choosing shades with her cousin. I stood up to find one of my best friends was in the adjacent dining room, calling on me. She looked a bit different with her hair loose. Thought she looked like Eva Longoria! One of her friends had these silly glasses on with excessive hair gel swept allover his head. She told me she wasn’t having a pleasant trip on her half. I said “best of luck.” then returned to my table. One of my stranger fellows turned out to be Mark Ruffalo and he told me how lots of people knew me but always needed some time to recognize me because I was too quiet as a person. Then I woke up feeling like I had been half sleeping half awake the whole time the dream happened.

Try and check Play Store for this wicked app called Lucid Dreaming App by Alexander Stone. see if it works to help you learn to control your dreams. Keep calm.


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