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that time when wishes do come true


my first post of this year, which was made almost two months ago, says how i wish i could write and read more. then, fifty three days later, here i am with only two posts for the running year. but, somewhere else, i have actually written fifty posts for the last thirty days. fifty!

so, yes, i dare to say that my wish have definitely come true. God is good. i got an offer to write contents for a photography site,, and i grabbed the chance as fast as i could hear the first word. been writing two posts in a day almost everyday now. been making love with the keyboard more than i could remember. BUT. yes, there’s always a ‘but’. i still wish i could keep my personal blog running as well. maybe i could go crazier than ever. maybe i could push myself more and actually publish three posts a day now?

i have to be realistic, though.

writing a photography content is not as easy as it sounds. i thought i could finish an article in less than an hour. but sometimes, even one takes more than half a day. especially when it gets to a tutorial. i’ve been a mad manic mama ever since. my daily clock was a mess. on the hardest days i didn’t cook and procrastinated on doing the laundry. lived on only cups of coffee some days. then how am i going to even challenge myself to write one more? i know i could, but it would cost a lot. and it’s not my thing.

it makes me think how writers who are homemakers manage it to keep two ships sail in great balance. wow. it’s hard. seriously.

however, i notice that lately i started to go ahead of schedule (how it feels good to be able to push the ‘schedule’ button instead of ‘publish’). my nights started to go less chaotic. i could pick up the books i left read in the middle, watched a movie or two. so yeah, it’s all about habit. once i get a good rhythm, maybe i could run this blog steadily as well.

i need to jog.

and, yes please, if you understand bahasa Indonesia and a photography enthusiast, try and visit to enjoy another another half of me 🙂



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