Learning to write a good tutorial

I always enjoy reading tutorials. About everything. From carpentry to digital manipulation. And everytime I ran into a good tutorial, the details amazed me. Working on a piece of work is hard enough, now documenting each step of the process is another hard work.
I never bothered to change my casual way of writing tutorials until I had to be professional about it. So I did some research. From what I gathered and looked back into, a good tutorial should pay attention to details yet easy to follow. Understandable language, nice presentation, clear steps are amongst the most essential. I write mostly Photoshop tutorials, and this could be a PITA. It’s true that as you try to write a tut, you try to teach. A good teacher knows that patience is a virtue and they need to see from their pupils’ point of view. With Photoshop, you have to remember to screen-capture. So first, I would work on a photo until I find the easiest, simplest way to achieve the desired final result. Then I would go back to the first step and work my way back up while documenting every step. Done with all the graphics, I would start with the article. The words must be clear and go together with the previously made pictures. After arranging them all, I would read top to bottom and rewind.
This should be good.
BUT, sometimes I didnt have enough time to actually do all of the steps and ended up with bad tuts.
This has to stop and be improved.
How? Plans. Yes. I will make a list of what tuts to make and group them by the difficulty level. Easy ones could be done on daily basis. Hard ones maybe just once every two weeks.
I guess I start to see the light 😀
Do you write tuts? Please do share tips and experience with me here. I’d really appreciate it 😉


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