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day two (of 30) : how many books so far?

2 of thirty

it’s almost July and apparently my goal to read at least 12 books in 2013 will not be accomplished. very sad. so let’s see what i’ve read so far this year:

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. a friend recommended me the book, said it was his childhood favorite book. so i tried and find it and loved it! the book makes me believe than Indonesia is missing a lot from not using it in English classes. Juster wrote it brilliantly. funny and punny in a great package πŸ™‚

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, this is the second book i got engaged with after watching the film after The Hunger Game. what can i say? it’s genius. Mitchell proves that he can write a-ny-thing. anything! the staging of time, the language, the style, the diction… how did he reach into the future after swimming in the past? much, much better than the film. but i have to say it was a brave move to bring the book up onto the screen. the second best saga i’ve ever read after The Virgins Paradise

Cerita Cinta Enrico by Ayu Utami. i always love her and the way she writes. this book is the middle child of her supposed to be trilogy: Parasit Lajang. some of her fans say this book is not supposed to be included for it tells nothing about lajang (single). BUT! i say, no. this IS a part of the trilogy. gotta read it ’till the end to know why. i loved how the story flows ever so lightly, unusally an Ayu Utami. the diction is simple yet delicious.

The World’s Shortest Stories of Love and Death edited by Steve Moss and John M. Daniel. i’ve eyed this book for too many years. only got lucky last week when a good friend of mine told me he’d found the book and kindly let me borrow it πŸ˜€ a pack of 55-words short stories. smart ones! in such limited space some stories work really well. loved the surprises at the usually last line.

that’s all. four in almost six months. sigh. still trying to finish Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, but i don’t know why i haven’t found the joy in reading it. oh well. and, oh, i still keep my Goodreads account even though it’s now under Amazon’s wing. i don’t go with the politics, i go with the nice and easy organizing.


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