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day five (of 30) : music is a cure

5 of thirtyinternet radios FTW!
my favorite application for the moment is TuneIn Radio. it’s light, fast, and never chokes my data plan. my recents are always Mellow Jazz on JAZZRADIO, 1.FM – Bay Smooth Jazz, and Calm Radio – Jazz Piano. they make my daily chores more digestible :p but, lately, it’s been YUNA on my playlist. allover my playlist. she’s a Malaysian songstress whose one of the songs came up to me through this tourism television ad. Terukir Di Bintang. when i heard the song for the first time, i imagined a peranakan woman wearing a pearly pink cheong-sam, wavy tucked dark hair, with a classic look on her face. her voice really made me profile that. but, how wrong i was. Yuna is genuinely melayu and very modern. her other songs prove that. but, imo, she’s better off singing malaysian songs rather than english ones. i could find her in her native tongue, but she’s a chameleon in english. whichever, though, i love her songs. they make me sing, dance, and let go.



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