Truth Is, I Don’t Care

I find it useless to explain to people about myself. Why would I do that anyway? Like the saying goes, your (real) friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t buy it.

Some people are so alike that they gang up and believe everyone is supposedly just like them. Or should be like them. I’ve been used to being an odd for almost my whole life I don’t give a dung. What happens inside my white picket fences is my business.

Women love ganging up. Fact. They love being with the ones they have so many things in common with. It’s comfortable, less awkward, warm… but I’d rather be with just one person who really understands me even when we’re an opposite than with a bunch of people who are so much like me but don’t really listen because they THINK they already know.

Most women can’t take the odds at ease. A group of good housewives would probably see a housewife who don’t handle her home perfectly as a shame. A group of career-oriented women would probably see a good housewife as a boring non-productive female. Everyone has their own judgement. Everyone has their own explanation. It only takes to be seen from both sides.

As much as I hate to explain myself, I would still do that. Now. Because this is my blog.
First, I value my personal time. My precious me-time. I love being on my own even for a short period of time. When I have that chance, I would put my tasks aside to read, have a cup of coffee, or have a nap. So when this is happening and someone visits me only to say, “Why aren’t you preparing lunch or doing laundry or cleaning the house inside and out while everyone is not home?” I would be a bitch in the house.
Second, I talk only when I feel like I need to. Yes, I am freaking quiet. Got problem with that? So when everybody’s talking and shouting their opinions, you can be sure I will only be an audience. Don’t accuse me of being passive and not helping. You shut up and I’ll talk.
Third, I am not you. Mark that. So I won’t be doing things the way you do. I don’t and I won’t. Judge me all you like.

I am and will always be me.


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