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6/31 – Movies I Never Get Sick Of Watching

I have a long list. But, for now, four would be enough. You should know by now that I adore Amelie, and Fight Club & Trainspotting are my forever cult films. So they won’t be here.


Let’s do this clockwise from the top left.

My Life Without Me (2003)
I love movies that give a punch in the heart. That leave a hollow after they end. This is one of them. If you haven’t seen the movie, try reading the list on the poster. That’s the “10 Things To Do Before I Die” list. Interesting? Wait until you get to see number 8 unraveled.

Berbagi Suami (2006)
I am one of Nia Dinata’s huge fans.  I love how her films are so natural and artistic at the same time, not to mention the issues she brings to the surface. Berbagi Suami (A Love to Share) tells three stories about three women with a thing in common: polygamy. Different cultural and economy background, same wound. I love how the motion picture itself tells the drama from the lighting, the tones… so beautiful. It’s all about woman power, too. The tea-bag thingie 😉

Another Earth (2011)
This is another “punch in the heart” kind of film. One that makes me think “what if… what if…” and build my own plot in the head. It’s one of the most beautiful sci-fi films I’ve ever come across.

Arisan! (2003)
Another Nia Dinata’s work. It’s so Jakarta you can’t help but to sneer at and love the story all at once. Love the cinematography for sure, the sets, the casts… all click and flow. Can always enjoy the whole ofnit everytime I watch it allover again. But, I won’t recommend you to watch the sequel since it’s weird and doesn’t seem to fit the first film.

Haven’t watched one, two, or maybe all of them? Go and find the gems. Seriously.


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