The Fall


I started watching The Fall actually because Gillian Anderson is in it. But things got escalated quite quickly since the first episode.

Paul Spector is Belfast’s most wanted serial killer also known as “the strangler”. Stella Gibson (Anderson) got sent all the way from London to help with the investigation. Spector is pictured to be a beautiful husband and loving father of two who breaks and enters single females houses at night to steal their undergarments then kills them at last.

I don’t know… a guy like Spector makes probably all women question their morals. He’s clearly a misogynist, but also a very nice and gorgeous man. Calm and collected, smooth like the silky surface of a morning lake. Some women would probably want to be violated by him. But how wrong would that be? Women like bad guys. But a killer? Would you be disgusted when you find out that the most beautiful person you love in the whole wide world is actually a sexual offender?

I love Stella Gibson’s character, apart from the fact that it is obviously Anderson who makes her alive. A dominant female. A control freak. To quote Spector, “She makes an Irish man looks like a potato, a farmer sitting next to her.”

Spector and Gibson develop a strange emotional relationship. A man who thinks he could treat women like a doll, and a woman who makes that man feel like he’s met his match. They feed on each other’s minds, not bodies. And that is mind-blowing. Eleven episodes, two seasons, and I still want more.

If everybody could hear each other’s minds, then life would be unbearable. ~ Paul Spector


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