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The X-Files : revived


These days, all of The X-Files fanatics are probably having a constant high after getting the news that Mulder & Scully are coming back for a short season that the FOX have officially ordered. This is a part of their program of reviving classic legendary series. We, the fanatics – the members of the cult, definitely have high expectations. But, come on… how would the trio Carter-Anderson-Duchovny drag you downhill?

During the long, long break you might still get in touch with them through Californication and The Fall. Now did they fail you? No. Not me.

These 6 episodes will start filming on spring, but the airing date is still not confirmed. I’m excited! Honestly I never thought there should be another episode, but if they decided to take the order, then I’m sure they know how to fill the gap.


This is a scene from the pilot episode, when they examine an exhumed body died of an unknown cause. Mulder believes it’s a victim of an alien abduction, Scully thinks it’s an ape. Mulder wins. Oh they were so young *sighs

Well, I don’t know how your weekend is going to roll, but I have nine seasons of the X-Files to watch 😁


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