you don’t know me


I just have to explain what it actually is being an introverted person like, since people keep seeing it as a dysfunction, like it’s so wrong to keep things to yourself, like it needs to be fixed.


I’ve always been an introvert, even before the smartphone was invented. So, yes, I would testify that it is not the so-called gadget that makes people introverted. Some people were just born with this personality. We love it. We embrace the way we are. So, shush. Don’t confuse introverted people with psychos.

We’re not anti-social, we just need to be with the right people to actually open up. And not so many people can actually understand that. We don’t mind (or care.) We tend to wait for the right moment to speak up, which would usually take a while, and that is when people accuse us of being “so quiet.” Then we get turned off and just decide not to say anything at all or explain why.

We don’t like small talk, because we just don’t see the need of explaining (or asking about) the obvious things. When we meet new people, we would observe the details then pick something up from there rather than asking, “hey how are you?” And, believe me, we have soooo many things constantly running in our minds but just can’t put them into words. We think differently, and are afraid that if we blurt our minds out people won’t get it.


We are NOT shy. We can be very chirpy and crazy. We’re just that water in the kettle waiting to boil and whistle. It takes a right amount of time and mood. So, yeah, it is annoying to get people asking us the same question over and over again like “why are you so shy / quiet?” And… the thing about us being observers and listeners while having many thoughts in our heads at the same time, make us look like we’re not interested in the thing that is happening.

“Why are you so sad?”
I’m not. I just look like this. THIS is my resting face.

Friggin ignorant people just need to accept the fact that introvert is a type of personality. It’s not a dysfunction. It doesn’t need to be fixed. It’s not a disease. Some people are loud and like to share their private issues to public, party animals, friendly and stuff… well we’re the opposite, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

My daughter is also an introvert. She hates small talks, unnecessary questions, nosey people, but she can be a very talkative girl when she’s alone with me, her dad, and/or her cousin. She just keeps her circle small. She would only let the people she’s comfortable with to see her to the core.

So yeah, we’re alright. We like being ourselves. We just need you to calm down and let us be. Okay?


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