Arkangel – Black Mirror S04x02


I am addicted to this series. It’s mind-blowing, intense, mind-opening but at the same time leaving the audience empty long after each episode ends. At least that’s what I think about it. It’s mocking our present world by picturing the possibility in the future.

Arkangel is the second episode of the fourth season. It’s the name of a company that helps parents to feel safe about their children’s whereabouts and more by implanting chip in their kids’ heads. Instantly, I could relate to what Marie – the mom- feels about Sara – her daughter. All the worries and fears of her safety and well-being. I believe every parent has experienced such feeling. So, in this story, the parent is handed a tablet, like a control panel, to get to know every detail about their kid. The location, health, feelings (based on cortisol and heart rate), and the crazy thing is they get to see what their kid sees. Naturally, since the chip is right up in the brain. So then, the further control allows them to censor things that might harm their kid by blocking the vision and hearing. Muffle sounds, pixelate images… And just like every piece of technology in Black Mirror world, this one too causes more damage rather than good.

Moral of the story is, no matter how scared you are – as a parent – of your child’s safety and wellness, you have to learn to trust and let them go. Let them live their own lives. Rather than sneaking behind their backs trying to shield every bullet coming at them, meet them in person. Face to face. Talk. Communicate. Kids who trust their parents and feel comfortable around them will stay open. Allow them to experience the world as it is. Now this is where it’s pretty ironic, the censorship that is meant to protect the kids today (here includes cleavage, blood, cigarette, fighting, kissing, etc.) is a lot like hiding information that ends up making the kids want to know the truth without telling their parents. Off they go through the back door, because they’re to afraid to ask their parents, and tapping information from the wrong source and…boom!

Just don’t let that curtain stand between you and your kids.


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