poem · prose

five – heart

Our bodies are very complicated. A lot of wiring and connections. A magnificent maze in such a compact form. But, heart is the most confusing one. I mean, sure everything in us can only work when the brain works, but this little heart… it has its own mind.


Ok, don’t laugh. I knoooow this is such a lame drawing, but I tried. So, like one of the most famous quotes from Johnny Depp: “You can shut your eyes from the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t shut your heart from the things you don’t want to feel.” – or something like that. Heart has always been a muse to a lot of people. It takes credits and blames all at the same time. Brain is the one working behind the scene but says nothing when compliments come, but whispers “told you…” when the wave of pain comes crashing in. Still, heart wins.

Isn’t it a wonder that when you feel all the overwhelming emotions it’s the heart that you feel like reacting the most? You can even be sure that it hurts right in there when you go through painful experiences in life. You heart can sink, swell, gets broken and torn apart. It’s amazing.

When you’re dumb, you’re brainless and that can be understood. You can always learn things. People will encourage you. But when you’re cold, private, and live in your own world, you’re heartless. It’s legal to hate you.

Here’s a beautiful poem about heart from Jalaluddin Rumi for all of hearts out there:

The deliciousness of milk and honey is the reflection of the pure heart:
from that heart the sweetness of every sweet thing is derived.
The heart is the substance, and the world the accident:
how should the heart’s shadow be the object of the heart’s desire?
Is that pure heart the heart that is enamored of riches or power,
or is submissive to this black earth and water of the body,
or to vain fancies it worships in the darkness for the sake of fame?
The heart is nothing but the Sea of Light:
is the heart the place of vision of God–and then blind?


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