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The Ocean At The End Of The Lane (2013)


Long before The Reading Lights was closed, I remember sitting on one of their couches with some friends talking about books we struggled to finish. That day I ordered this drink that instantly caught my eyes; Neil Gaiman Latte. It was a mixture of latte and peanut butter, and I understood why it was named so. The coffee was for his adult side of the stories and how they could be so dark even though children (milk) are involved in them, the peanut butter spoke for his out-of-this-world fantasies – swirled just right to make the whole drink tasted strange but blended well. And that’s how this book tastes like.

I love this piece. LOVE it so much. If you liked Coraline but haven’t read this one, then you definitely should. The title sums the core of the book, the majestic ocean. I remember a quote saying “A man can never conquer the ocean, that’s why it’s referred as a she.” The main character in the story is a boy but the ones with the power in it are the girls. Just like most of Neil Gaiman’s stories, this one is also rich in fantasy. Very poetic, too. Everything is so vividly pictured that I could see every place being told, every creature too.

The whole story is told by the first person, the boy, whose name is not mentioned throughout the book. He’s a loner who likes to read so much he has to do it quietly at night after the lamps are turned off. He makes no friends but alright with it. creepy adventure starts because of an unfortunate event that happens at his house. This, then, becomes a chain reaction of horror. But, that very same event also crosses his path with Lettie Hempstock, a very calm and collected eleven year old girl who then helps him to escape the dreadful journey.

Like what I mentioned earlier about the peanut butter latte, this book is about children but the content might not be suitable for them. I guess it’s more like a story for adults who need to look back to remember how pure and different the world was when they were kids. I have to say it’s quite scary too. So many great lines in the book that hit me hard. One of them is this:


You just are. So live your life to the fullest. Be grateful.


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