her (2013)


I’ve meant to write about “her” since last year, but only got remembered about it tonight after watching it again. It will always be a bittersweet story. Sad. Heartbreaking in many ways. And… I can relate to it.

We already are all living in a world where people can’t live without being connected to a computer. People don’t bother saying hello to strangers anymore because they’re busy looking down at their phones in the crowd and talking to people who aren’t even there.

Have you ever been in love with someone you haven’t even met in person? I have. Trust me, because I met my husband online. I know that feeling of building an emotionally beautiful relationship with someone who’s not physically there. It takes place in mind, and it’s amazing. Mind is such a dangerous playground when you’re not careful with it. This is what happens with Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix).

Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) is probably what all lonely men need. A perfect personality that appears at the right time and grows with her partner. If you spend a lot of time getting to know people online, you’d understand that power of words, thoughts, ideas, and voice. They all get together and build a person in your mind and slowly they become real to you. It could be promising when you know there actually is a body behind the imagination, but what if it’s nothing more than just a computer program? An artificial intelligence? As much as it sounds creepy, I believe one day people would live like this. They would live with their computers only and don’t mind.

Johansson’s voice really brings Samantha alive. It’s amazing.

Yes or No (2010)


Kadang-kadang rasa penasaran memang bisa membunuh. Sedikitnya melukai – secara permanen. Tapi rasa itu juga yang mungkin akan menuntun kita pada takdir, semacam insting.

Saya juga sering penasaran, yang hari ini jadinya membuat saya menonton film drama Thailand ini. Awalnya sih cuma tau selewat, tapi karena kebetulan streaming lancar… ya ditonton sampai selesai. Ternyata filmnya bagus :)

Pie dan Kim adalah roommate di asrama. Yang satu sangat feminin, yang satunya tomboy habis. Tapi, meskipun tomboy, Kim masih punya sisi perempuan. Karena dia bilang sendiri, dia bukan lesbian. Dia cuma perempuan yang nyaman berpenampilan seperti laki2 dan melakukan pekerjaan laki2. Kim takut kecoa, sepi, gelap, tapi pintar memasak dan sangat rapi. Pie cewek galak yang pemberani. Tell you what, Kim itu cakep banget. Hahaha. Pretty boy – kalau dia jadi laki2 tulen. Dia seperti tipe idol sekolahan tapi versi sensitif. Bukan berandalan. Karena dia perempuan, dia tau bagaimana cara memperlakukan perempuan – dan itu yang bikin Pie jatuh cinta.

Tentu saja film begini bakal dianggap tabu dan tidak direkomendasikan. Tapi – meskipun salah – saya bisa melihat manisnya sebuah hubungan di film ini dan ngerasa ngeri juga karena mungkin memprovokasi mereka yang “merasa” gay untuk semakin membenamkan diri di dalamnya dan menjadikan film ini semacam film wajib untuk “kelainan” mereka. Dear God, dunia ini sudah retak2. Perempuan jadi ganteng, laki2 jadi cantik. Dan saya tau beberapa dari mereka awalnya cuma penasaran. Cuma mencari cara aman untuk terlibat secara intim dengan seseorang. They’re not even gays from the first place. Saya mengerti kalau kecenderungan itu terjadi secara hormon, misalnya. Atau trauma psikologis yang sangat parah. Tapi kalau sekedar mengikuti trend atau ingin tau rasanya? What is wrong with you people?

The Fall


I started watching The Fall actually because Gillian Anderson is in it. But things got escalated quite quickly since the first episode.

Paul Spector is Belfast’s most wanted serial killer also known as “the strangler”. Stella Gibson (Anderson) got sent all the way from London to help with the investigation. Spector is pictured to be a beautiful husband and loving father of two who breaks and enters single females houses at night to steal their undergarments then kills them at last.

I don’t know… a guy like Spector makes probably all women question their morals. He’s clearly a misogynist, but also a very nice and gorgeous man. Calm and collected, smooth like the silky surface of a morning lake. Some women would probably want to be violated by him. But how wrong would that be? Women like bad guys. But a killer? Would you be disgusted when you find out that the most beautiful person you love in the whole wide world is actually a sexual offender?

I love Stella Gibson’s character, apart from the fact that it is obviously Anderson who makes her alive. A dominant female. A control freak. To quote Spector, “She makes an Irish man looks like a potato, a farmer sitting next to her.”

Spector and Gibson develop a strange emotional relationship. A man who thinks he could treat women like a doll, and a woman who makes that man feel like he’s met his match. They feed on each other’s minds, not bodies. And that is mind-blowing. Eleven episodes, two seasons, and I still want more.

If everybody could hear each other’s minds, then life would be unbearable. ~ Paul Spector