The X-Files : revived


These days, all of The X-Files fanatics are probably having a constant high after getting the news that Mulder & Scully are coming back for a short season that the FOX have officially ordered. This is a part of their program of reviving classic legendary series. We, the fanatics – the members of the cult, definitely have high expectations. But, come on… how would the trio Carter-Anderson-Duchovny drag you downhill?

During the long, long break you might still get in touch with them through Californication and The Fall. Now did they fail you? No. Not me.

These 6 episodes will start filming on spring, but the airing date is still not confirmed. I’m excited! Honestly I never thought there should be another episode, but if they decided to take the order, then I’m sure they know how to fill the gap.


This is a scene from the pilot episode, when they examine an exhumed body died of an unknown cause. Mulder believes it’s a victim of an alien abduction, Scully thinks it’s an ape. Mulder wins. Oh they were so young *sighs

Well, I don’t know how your weekend is going to roll, but I have nine seasons of the X-Files to watch 😁

what if…


and so, one morning I found this as I checked on my facebook’s newsfeed. among the pile of cat stories and pictures, there they were with such an insane, insane announcement. I fainted just thinking of the possibilities. impossible probability.

alas, i am already one of them 500.000 melted people. someone said he would make 499.999 fake accounts then jumped in the lucky seat. that entertained me :) I believe a die hard fan out there would actually go the length to be that 1.000.000th person. I have no time and energy for that.

but, what if… what if I was the one? what if unconsciously I won and without me realizing it they came knocking on my front door one afternoon. I would die of a heart attack. my knees would go jello and my arms would be tingling like mad and they hadn’t even started singing or playing guitar! we would hug, they would start off with Cayman Island, then the rest would be history. I would have trouble breathing, trouble sleeping, constant pain in the chest for the rest of my life after that fortunate event.

*sighs* I hope the winner isn’t someone I know, because I would really hate them :p

her (2013)


I’ve meant to write about “her” since last year, but only got remembered about it tonight after watching it again. It will always be a bittersweet story. Sad. Heartbreaking in many ways. And… I can relate to it.

We already are all living in a world where people can’t live without being connected to a computer. People don’t bother saying hello to strangers anymore because they’re busy looking down at their phones in the crowd and talking to people who aren’t even there.

Have you ever been in love with someone you haven’t even met in person? I have. Trust me, because I met my husband online. I know that feeling of building an emotionally beautiful relationship with someone who’s not physically there. It takes place in mind, and it’s amazing. Mind is such a dangerous playground when you’re not careful with it. This is what happens with Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix).

Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) is probably what all lonely men need. A perfect personality that appears at the right time and grows with her partner. If you spend a lot of time getting to know people online, you’d understand that power of words, thoughts, ideas, and voice. They all get together and build a person in your mind and slowly they become real to you. It could be promising when you know there actually is a body behind the imagination, but what if it’s nothing more than just a computer program? An artificial intelligence? As much as it sounds creepy, I believe one day people would live like this. They would live with their computers only and don’t mind.

Johansson’s voice really brings Samantha alive. It’s amazing.