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calvin and hobbes

what’s your comic book? you are what comic book you read.
manga invaded my life when i was eleven. the first manga i had was pop corn. the whole series. then i started a book rental business with my friends which resulted loss. some of my manga and best story books (one of them was drakula cilik) never return (i_i). damn you little criminals! the business lasted for only a few months. we were too young to be proper businesswomen (right…). anyway,when i was younger, there were pop corn, mari-chan, kung fu boy, tin tin, bob si napi badung, smurf (with their crazy language), snoopy, and garfield. then, i stopped buying comic books and manga when i went to high school. i rented them, instead. no…not for a revenge. really. then i met calvin and hobbes. so there, calvin took my heart away.

for you who read calvin and hobbes would know why calvin is the man.
calvin is a six years old boy who has a tiger doll who then becomes his imaginary friend, hobbes. calvin hates school, vegetables, bicycle, and a girl named susie. he loves hobbes, summer holiday, snow, and chewing gum. he thinks his parents are aliens. the special thing about calvin is he’s mad and damn smart. he doesn’t think like a six-year-old. i mean, if you read the book you’d find what he says are true. a line i really like from him is;

"getting is better than having. when you get something, it’s new and exciting.
when you have something, you take it for granted and it’s boring."

i learn a lot from reading the book. it’s genuinely funny, too. you’ll laugh your head off reading it. in a way, calvin is a kind of guy you wish you could spend you life with.
"doggone it!"


5 thoughts on “calvin and hobbes

  1. crazy crazy crazy… I just can’t stop wondering. We only met few times. But so many things we like are similar. Love comic strips. Love Snoopy. Love Calvin.

  2. ppl like us are bound to be outsiders in our own little world – we may always be spectators, but someday, our time will come… i mean look at calvin… he’s 6, and he knows he’s different… its just accepting why we became US… -deejay-

  3. haha!!! i gotta get me lots of calvin and hobbes comics then… just to read about the profound truths said by this quirky 6y.o! -deejay-

  4. heya! πŸ˜€
    guess what.. i love calvin and hobbes!! i saw this hardbound set.. (yeah, calvin and hobbes in hardbound and with a case too)in a bookshop and it’s around Php7,000. that’s around US$135
    dang! 😦
    so much for liking it.. hehehe

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